Meet the Peer Leaders

The peer support group offers mentors to help individuals navigate their postdoc or graduate training. The intent is to connect with someone outside of their immediate environment who can offer a tailored yet impartial perspective. Trainees are encouraged to use this service however they’d like: for career planning; for counsel on a specific issue; for ongoing mentorship from someone who can relate to your circumstances, or anything else that comes to mind. Please feel free to contact any of the mentors directly to arrange a meeting! Some relevant background is provided for each mentor to help you find a suitable match.

Use the menu on the left to get to know some of our awesome peer leaders available for peer mentoring. Feel free to contact them directly or fill out our quick survey to have a SPSC representative work on finding you the perfect mentor!

Not interested in chatting one-on-one?  Click here to find out about some of the small groups that meet on campus (coming soon).